The One Room Schoolhouse

Behind the Scenes at the Food Pantry

Happy Birthday, Hopkinton

Film Camps & Films

Community Films Project

With our Community Films project.  Alchemists' is available to work with a town or community organization to produce a short film to help build community. 



KICK Butts the be shot in 5 locations using our 10 foot tall Mr. and Mrs. ButtMan puppets

Film Camp in Henniker "To Try an Experiment", about deaf education in Henniker in the early to mid 1800's

Film Camp in Hillsboro - preview of 2017's Amy Beach 150th Birthday Festival


The Community Films Project has produced ten short films in its eight year history.  These include:  

The One Room Schoolhouse

Behind The Scenes at the Food Pantry

Happy 250th Birthday, Hopkinton

Doctor Stories

Food Tales

The Bird's Nest



A Stands for Angel...The Angela Robinson Story

Amy Beach Festival Celebrating Her 150th Birthday


Alchemists' Community Films include young people and adults under the direction of Dartmouth College's Bob Robertson, an award winning director who specializes in editing and post production work, and produced by Tom Dunn, founder of The Alchemists' Workshop and Henniker Youth Theatre. Alchemists' films have won awards from The Sodexo Foundation, Youth Serves America, The New Hampshire Department of Education, The Martin Richards Fund and the Cogswell Benevolent Trust.

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