Kindness & Cruelty: Willa Cather of Jaffrey Dec. 1st at 2 pm at Sunapee Cove

                                                                                Dec. 2nd at 1 pm at Scott-Farrar in Peterborough

                                                                                                   3 pm at Good Shepherd in Jaffrey

                                                                                                    7 pm at Keene Public Library

         Georgia O’Keeffe Paints Paradise:                 Dec. 3rd at 2 pm at Ash Hill Arts Center in Swanzey

         Kindness & Cruelty: Willa Cather of Jaffrey  Dec. 4th at 2 pm at Mt. Carmel in Manchester

                                                                                                   7 pm at Public Library in Manchester

                                                                                 Dec. 6th at 3 pm at St. Teresa's in Manchester

                                                                                  Dec. 8th at 3 pm at Hillsboro House

                                                                                                    7 pm at Holy Cross in Weare

                                                                                   Dec. 9th at 2 pm at Tad Mosel Theatre in Concord

                                                                                   Dec. 10th at 2 pm and 4 pm at Tad Mosel Theatre

                                                                                                       7 pm Unitarian Church in Plymouth

                                                                                   Dec. 12th at 3 pm at Huntington in Nashua

            Scholarship Dance at Weare Middle School       Dec. 15th 6:30 to 9 pm at Weare Middle School w/Marcus McFall dj           

            Georgia O’Keeffe Paints Paradise:                 Dec. 16th at 2 pm tba

                                                                                   Dec. 17th at 2 pm tba

          Holiday camp Dec. 27-30...ages 6 to 18 at Weare middle School--two original one act musicals

          The Children of MLK, Jr. January 12 to 14 in-residence at John Stark Regional High School with performance tba

                                                  January 27th--afternoon workshop followed by 7 pm performance at Whipple Hall in New London


          Fund-raiser for Willa Cather with Will Ogmundson and friends in Lebanon Feb. 10th

          Kindness & Cruelty: Willa Cather of Jaffrey  Fri., Feb. 16th fund-raiser performance in Henniker, tba

                                                                                  Sat., Feb. 17th 11 am performance at Nelson Library

                                                                                                         3 pm performance at PleasantView in Concord

                                                                                                         7 pm performance at Whipple Hall in New London

                                                                                 Sun., Feb. 18th--coming home--2 fund-raising performances in Jaffrey

          Kindness & Cruelty: Willa Cather of Jaffrey opens in NYC at the Hudson Guild Theatre Feb. 20th at 9 pm

          KICK BUTTS!!! the film, March 2018  

          The Clown of God puppet musical opens April 6th, 2018

          April 20-22 Boston University's Derek Walcott's Playwrights' Theatre performing four of our works in Rep

                (Georgia O'Keeffe Paints Paradise, Lessons, Clown of God and Willa Cather of Jaffrey)

          Summer 2018 Theatre camps in Henniker, Weare, Hopkinton, New London and Bow

         And in the works: The Gift of the Magi , Food—the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, Happy 250th Henniker, The Pope’s Boys' Choir, Battling Pianos, Watch Your Head--the story of Elizabeth & Mary, Tom Brown the film and Timeslips certifications.